Soul of Balmora

Act 2

The first mission, Murder of a good Man.

When you pull out the holy symbol of Cyric, the guard gives a quick nod. “can tell the difference between me and him? (points to the second guard taking a piss) and at this distance, neither can anyone else, if someone asks, he let you in, his name is Talas. for obvious reasons i wont give you mine. oh, and take as many back streets as you can, now get a move on”

walking into the city, the first thing that you notice is the light. or rather, lights. the main rode has six foot steal metal posts dug into the ground, but at the top of each is a bright glowing orb about two feet higher then the post. the second thing you notice is the atmosphere, it is cooler and far cleaner then outside the gates. thirdly, the level of noise, or lack there of. the city is very quite, almost disturbingly so. looking around, you see the same material that makes up the wall used everywhere; you can’t see one road or building that isn’t built of the stuff.

moving through the city, you see occasional odd graffiti with scratches or chalk, the ones that repeat and stand out are the words or phrases ‘for the Nightshade’ ‘equality’ ‘we deserve to lead’ etc. a reoccurring image as part of this graffiti is a perfect circle.

Finally arriving at the Four Walls and a Roof inn, you walk in to find Adogeon Forgedawn and his wife Alatherys and his daughter Fhamorel



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