This Campaign is set in an alternate forgotten realms campaign setting (3.5). in summery, the black dragon son of Falazur, Yirrixees Kynarraxix, went traveled to the closest point to the beginning of time nary any other creature had via a time sink. enhancing his already long life with the use of necromancy (but not committing himself to undeath) he spent those long years learning every secret he could, every once of power, and spreading his domain (and cult) to as many planes as he could while still keeping a low profile. what he eventually discovered was that ascension to a deity was a quick way to power, but one that crippled you. the most powerful of these deities was Ao, the overgod, who may have realized his folly of ascending far to late. Yirrixees did not make the same mistake. he learned every dark hidden secret the universe had and when the time sink brought him to whence he began, he had become something far greater then anything his father could ever become; Falazurs faint dream had come to fruition. bullying or earning the hells, the abyss, all evil gods, and virtually every necromancer and undead to his cause, it was then that he made his assault on the universe. in response, the forces of good and balance rallied together to confront the threat. to avoid a gorilla conflict, Ao dictated that the battle be made on one battlefield an that only worthy combatants would participate; more bloodshed then was necessary would be avoided while still having a clear winner. Yirrixees had not the strength to challenge it even if had wanted to, so the battle commenced. The plane the fought was outside the bounds of time and so the conflict raged for a span that could not be measured, but that felt eternal. at a crucial point in the midst of the conflict, the forces of evil not willingly aligned with Yirrixees betrayed him and fled. alone against the united forces of good, the forces still under Yirrixees’s command soon fell back. but such a betrayal was not without cost; and though Yirrixees had become the most powerful ‘mortal’ to ever walk the universe, he had not grown to the depth of power possible, for divinity still lacked; woe to his betrayers for now was that time. calling on his father, falazur, they preformed a twofold ritual that would assure ascension. Yirrixees devoured the soul of his father, created a plane of his own and bound his soul to the plane as a sort of god like phylactery. then he touched the divine, corrupting it into a twisted opposite of it’s former self; as the radiant energy of life can be replaced with the cold void for mortals, he had created himself into a divine negative. in so doing, Yirrixees had become a being of true and absolute unlife. With his knew found power and authority, he broke throw Ao’s plane, hunted and devoured the souls of every evil being who dared to assume sovereignty over the dead. The only one to escape his wrath was Velsharoon who had not betrayed him. with the previous forces of evil and Yirrixees off the field, Ao declared the armies of good and neutrality victorious. but no sooner had he done this that Yirrixees returned to remove the last contestation to his rule; those worth mention were Evening Glory, Kelemvor, Jergal, Sehanine Moonbow, Urogalan and Osiris. Out of this number and all other deities with connection to death, only Kelemvor and Evening Glory were not devoured.

Soul of Balmora